Vorlach:V1 aach wannsde uns als när die commons in die kadgrie babbschd un sunsch kääm schoodsch - loß es soi , Buu! Wann Du des schun konnschd, don konnschde aach richdisch Ardiggl schraiwe! Donn hosch Duu mea Frääd un mia aach! --Skipper Michael- Diskussion 13:30, 14. Jän 2012 (CET)

Hi! I'm sorry. I speak English and Russian only. Please, re-write you message on English. Thanks. --Averaver 18:13, 28. Jän 2012 (CET)

so if you can't understand, why do you edit here? That, what you are dooing here, we call something like VANDALISM. Stop it please. --Skipper Michael- Diskussion 19:45, 28. Jän 2012 (CET)

I am adding links to Commons categories. See items on my page - Averaver and category - Kategorie:Schbrooche. I view interwikies and add correct links to Commons category. --Averaver 08:10, 29. Jän 2012 (CET)
An we dont like this. So let it be. Here this is like Vandalism. -- Skipper Michael- Diskussion 11:23, 29. Jän 2012 (CET)
ok. I will skip this wiki in future. --Averaver 11:46, 29. Jän 2012 (CET)